Welcome to Trend Insights! Get your daily dose of insights into interesting design, interior design, architecture, innovation, gadgets and more.” – About Me.

Pretty much we can say that Trend Insights is a curated blog about all things concerning design : interior, architecture, electronics, and any design. They are pretty much design-conscious as we can figure out their clean look, simple and minimalist tone of colors, and easy navigation.

So this article would review some aspects of the blog :

  1. The Visual & Navigation
  2. The Grouping
  3. The Content

The Visual & Navigation

Homepage of Trend Insights blog.

Homepage of Trend Insights blog.

Tinsiders ( that’s what they call themselves ) has a very clean appearance over their pages. On every articles they provide pictures above the description. They also ease the visitors by creating sort-of a pop-up when we clicked the articles’ icon or title, so we don’t have to read the article from another window tab. It is also kind of fun when we scroll over the mouse to the articles’ icon, the icon would flip or

zoomed in. They create alternative views over the list of articles and build different appearance for each category.

For example, on the Snapshot category, they build a polar

oid frame for each articles.


or color tone, they use white, silver, grey, and dark grey which gives a minimalist feel to the overall visual of the blog.

Snapshot - Trend Insight

Snapshot – Trend Insight

On the header, they put title (Trend Insights) and subtitles (designs. inspirations. innovations.). They also put a search bar on the right-top side. On the menu bar, they jot down the categories into Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide. Those categories are viewing alternatives for visitors. When we scroll our navigation on the right side we also can see information menus such as About Me, Blog Archives, and Subscribing. The articles are sorted out by publishing date, and if we want to see older posts we could just scroll down the navigator and then the page would extended.

The Grouping

When we arrived at the homepage, we are presented with Flipcard view of the page. On the header menu, we can change the view into Classic view which present a normal classic view or Magazine that will arrange the articles as a magazine page while there are also Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide view.

They grouped the articles based on date released. But on Flipcard view, we can also sort the articles by Label and Author. That ease visitors to find what they are looking for. Visitors can also visit Archive menu to browse over last published posts.

Menu Bar

Menu Bar

The Content

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The content of the articles are not much complete and descriptive, I might say. While they provide every articles with images, they don’t put enough description about the product or object. On some articles though, they put link of the object so the visitors can discover more.

Overall, the blogs wins visitors’ heart by their sleek and clean and well-polished modern design. They also nailed the grouping that visitors can easily browse for posts. But in order to be a good blog, it needs to have a good articles to read. The blog would be complete if they describe the object completely so that visitors would engage their experience with the blog. Overall score for the blog is 6.5.


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