Comma Cafe

No boundaries. That would be the adequate words to explain the future of business for the following years. As the development of technology, the internet, to be precise, has shift our ideals and changed the way we used to be in doing things. The effect of globalization also influenced the way we interact with people, communicate, work, and do business. The internet and a phenomenon we called globalization, will be the base cause to explain the idea topic of this paper : Co-working & Collaboration.

The article from Business News Daily mentioned 30 trends and prediction for the year 2012. If we try to find the likeness of those 30 ideas, we might get two verbs that could describe them all : Co-Working & Collaboration. We can take a look of some of the lists in the article, we can almost group them all under those two verbs. Public&private Partnerships, Business Rollups, Bolt-on Acquisitions are the ideas that initiate collaboration between parties. While Innovative workspace services, Cloud-based documents and information resources are the examples of a co-working concept. What is the meaning of collaboration and co-working? Wikipedia define Collaboration as a working together proceess to achieve a goal. It is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals. While Co-working is defined as a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. With the ease of internet and the boost of globalization, people get more creative in working. They also find ways to be more efficient and effective. Collaboration and co-working might be the suitable concept they will have to adopt.

In Indonesia, the trends of co-working have started to emerge. For example, in Jakarta, they have Comma Cafe, which is a place where people can work or do their tasks just like in an office. People from different place and background could have sit together on a same table working on their own work until they find themselves discussing and thus gave birth to many creative ideas. The co-working and collaboration concept is still far from being developed and explored here in Indonesia, but we can see the trend arise as more companies tend to be more flexible about working hours and working places. This is actually can be a new creation of business model and business ideas.

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