“Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.” — Leonardo Da Vinci


Creative Generalist is a blog that curates ideas of broad minded thinkers. The blog contains articles about brainstormed new ideas that collaborates many specific ideas into a general ones. People can find news, opinions, and inspirations. Not only that, the blog also enable readers to discuss, see interviews, and communicate with fellow creative generalists.

They engage the readers not with sophisticated design, but more on the story. The creator put his manifestation on creative generalization that convey innovation and creativity through seeing the problem/object from helicopter view. They also put interesting nicknames onto their menu bars. For example, if you want to find articles, you can click Synthesize and Summarize.

On the content, firstly they categorized the menu bars based on the purpose.




Above is the Inspiration page, the page is contained by articles contributed by the member of the blog. They categorized the blog based on Education, Business, Stories, Health, Technology, and Leisure. We can also see the multimedia by clicking Photos or Videos. People can share the article, and people can also create a “paper”.



This is the example of the article posted on Inspiration page.


Above is the Blog page. This page contains ideas and inspiration about creativity and innovation by the creator of the blog.



If you want to connect and discuss your ideas, you can visit the Society page. Here, contributors connected and they can discuss through a forum.

Overall, I would give the blog an overall score of 6.5. The content of the blog is good enough but the visualization of the blog is not satisfying. So it is relieving to know that they are undergoing a “facelift” as they are going to move into a new “place” to host the blog.


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