Having 108 posts on the blog, Tanner Christensen confirm the aim of the blog is simple : to inspire people to be creative through its articles. As how the author stated in “About” page :

I foolishly believed that being struck by an idea was a random occurrence, that the geniuses of history were a rare breed, and that to understand creativity was simply impossible.

One tiny problem I recognized was : attracting its target audience to visit the blog in the first place.

Creative Something – Ideas and inspiration

Visually, the appearance of the blog is not appealing enough. They could have create the title to be more distinctive by using different font or bolder one. Though it may be sufficiently designed to display articles, the navigation of the blog is not really convenient to read. Putting more and bigger pictures in each article might help.

In regard to the content, I must say that, as I have stated before, the blog has meet its aim to get people getting inspired to be creative. I personally like article titled “Work worth doing” which brought me into realization that sometimes we get what we deserve and putting effort to achieve more and more will only resulted in loss of what we actually dreamed or wished to deserve. Sometimes the reward comes along the work yet we get so tempted to finish the job quickly we did not realize what we worth getting.

For creative work it has to be the same way: the work is a big part of the reward. The process of creative work is what makes it worthwhile, not always the results.

Aside from article postings, Creative Something also serve application download for iOS.

Overall grade : 4.5


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