Last February I visited DKV-ITB’s project exhibition which take place at PGN Building, Braga Street.

Projects of DKV-ITB students were showed throughout the exhibition, there were paintings, posters, videos, animation graphics, and crafts.

IMG02494-20130221-1227 IMG02493-20130221-1226 IMG02492-20130221-1219 IMG02491-20130221-1217 IMG02490-20130221-1217 IMG02489-20130221-1216 IMG02488-20130221-1216 IMG02487-20130221-1215 IMG02486-20130221-1214 IMG02485-20130221-1214 IMG02484-20130221-1211 IMG02483-20130221-1206 IMG02482-20130221-1205 IMG02481-20130221-1202 IMG02480-20130221-1201 IMG02479-20130221-1201 IMG02475-20130221-1200 IMG02474-20130221-1159 IMG02473-20130221-1159 IMG02472-20130221-1159


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